The Italian Job

The Italian Job 

The collection "The Italian Job" is made in honour of the traditional craftmanship of fashion, from the proud country; Italy. We simply love the country, their taste of fashion, food, wine and details. It's truly inspirational! For the autumn 2022 we have focused on the light, subtile colouring that givves an amazing elegance. What could more right than dressing in light colours in the dark seasons. Even though the colours are light, the fabrics are heavier and are supposed to give you the comfy feel you desire for a cold day. The beautiful and soft fabrics are mainly in baby camel hair, cashmere and merino wool.

All left to say: ENJOY!

The collection; An Elegant Affair

After close encounters with
devastation, society does not just
recover – it thrives. And today,
once lockdowns are finally behind
us, we can look ahead to
technological advances,
spontaneous travel, innovative
hospitality, celebrations of all kind
and re-energised society on a
planet ready, ripe and raring for
prosperity. All people are ready
for a bit La dolce vita.

Biarritz - "Paris by the sea"

Our Spring 2021 collection is inspired by the beautiful French city; Biarritz.    Biarritz has been the place for cultural celebrities to hide away for dacades, but we love it for the colours. The dusted shades of brown, red and most of all - the clear blue. 
Biarritz has a grand history. It has been the prefered hideaway for royals, aristocrats, politicians and cultural elite. Did you know that todays Hotel du Palais, was originally a wedding gift from Napoleon to his wife, Eugine? And for not be bored in summer Coco Chanel opend a small store in Biarritz.
We want to go there to suck in the history, but allso to just sit back and enjoy the captivating colour of the blue sea - the Biarritz blue!


This season we've chosen to call our collection; "Full House". To be honest, it's probably more of a dream - more than a fact?! Due to everything that has happend thoughout the last months - we feel lucky! That's what we wish for everyone else allso.

When we made this collection we had a glance toward oldschool British menswear fashion. Those vintage looking fabrics - soft, but stable. Durable and heavy-looking. The styles that never really goes out of fashion, and practically impossible to wear out.

Enjoy our collection and wear it again and again and again...

We're open!

After a short period of Covid-19 actions and restrictions, we have decided to open up our Concept Store in Oslo. To begin with with a bit restricted hours; 11.00-17.00 monday to saturday. We wish everybody welcome back to our world of great men's fashion. We still take particular precautions regarding customers health and safety - of course.


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