Lights On!

Our SS20 collection is inspired by the magnificent lights and colours of Skagen - Denmark. Skagen has allways been the number one "go-to" place for painting artists from all over the world. Reason? Due to the specially warm and bright lights that appear because of the unique combination of; clean and crisp air, together with the warm and burnt colours from the dry grass and soft dunes. 
In the late 1800, the artists lived there for longer periods and interacted in each others more or less tirvial intrigues. Common to all of them, was their joy for partying and lack of money. This was compensated with productivity in artistial work and paid for by paintings. Today you can enjoy a huge collection of famous paintings in Brøndums Hotel - who used accommodate the poor artist.
We hope you will feel the Skagen vibe - bright and soft - in our toned down, soft tailored collection for spring/summer!

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