Frislid Konfeksjon has a long and proud history. Since Alf Frislid established the company in 1946, we’ve been dressing style consius men in Norway and Scandinavia. Going from Alf Frislid travelling around on a bike, measuring men in their homes – making true tailored suits, till todays hightec production around Europe – allways with the focus on old fashion craftmanship and tailoring tradition.

We’ve been extremely faithful to our demand for quality and fit. We behold patterns for nearly 750 different sizes and shapes - several of them allways on stock. With all these patterns archived, we provide among Europe's best and most diverse Made to Meassure programs.

Frislid is an all Norwegian brand established along one of the many beautiful fjords in western Norway. Producing uniqe Nordic garments, out of the most exclusive European fabrics, for more than 70 years. This has made Frislid one of the most influential brands in Northen Europe – and an obvious choice in Norway.

We are proud of our heritage, certain of our expertise and humble because so many men prefer a true Frislid garment.


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